Finance Software


Finance Software

Now you can manage your Company Finance in an easy and reliable way with Softcron Technology. For all Non-Banking Finance Companies to maintain customer records, customer mortgage assets, installments and interest calculations and hypothecated Vehicle records with insurance / permit reminders, Automatic Fine calculation of defaulters.

  • Its will work as your day to day reminder of all EMI's of Customer.
  • You can keep record of Financee as well as Guarantor.
  • You can track his/her past EMI or Credit record.
  • You can easily calculate EMI and ROI (Rate of interest).

With this Financial management application software you can record or make a database of all your activities within an organization. It includes accounting Softwares as well. You can manage your assets, funds accordingly in a feasible and effective way. This software may lessen your workstrain and provide you high qulality results.

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