Cms Development

Sales and Distributions

Comprehensive and advanced software solution to manage your FMCG distribution business better. It is specially designed for C&A, C&F, FMCG Distributors, Stockist and Super-stockists. It covers all major operations like sales, purchase, inventory, re-ordering, financial accounting, loyalty, schemes & offers, returns etc.


Have total power to decide your own margin and profits

The commission agents have to make adjustments in rate and weight of goods. Sometimes you have to quote higher price to supplier and sometimes you have to quote lower price. Suppose goods are sold for Rs. 1000/-, you may report it 1100/- or report it 900/- to your supplier depending upon your business policy.

Control Pricing...!

Dlan, monitor and control pricing specific to a particular region or area, customer group, batch or MRP etc. without creating any downwards pressure on the price.

Secure Sales...!

Improve sales with flexible marketing promotion models that supports 64 different types of schemes, as well as monthly/quarterly redeemable loyalty programs configurable based on bill values.

Inventory Control...!

Effectively control inventory investment to the level of transaction based on individual lot or batch. You can also track returns and expiry as per the batch-wise stock keeping methods.

Say No to Bad Debts..!

Avoid bad debts with better receivable control on customer outstanding & on-time collections with our age-wise outstanding reports. You can also configure ageing days per user.

Stop Malpractices...!

Avoid malpractices in expiry & damage returns, as well as replacements, with our batch/lot based inventory tracking. You can also manage debit notes generated against returns by deducting them in the next sales bill.

Catch More Orders...!

Don't miss out on even a single customer order. Map customers to beat and/or area for efficient delivery management. You can also define a separate delivery beat if you wish so.

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