Library Management


Library Management

Library Management Software lessen your effort to maintain your library structure and keep track of your records. We mainly focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and library management professionals. The basic functions of library management include, but are not limited to: planning and negotiating the acquisition of materials, stacks maintenance, overseeing fee collection, event planning, fundraising, and human resources as well. Softcron offers wide range of themes and structure according to customer needs and requirement like Active Library cards, Automatic fine calculations with Audit Report.

Library Management Software services for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Public Libraries. Various operations perform by this management Panel or software to easen your work, to eliminate duplicacy and provide error free results with high Quality Performance. You can automate your library system with few clicks by having hidden functionality in depth.Softcron Technology in Rohtak distributed numerous Library management software with various variations invoking by customer demand and need. We deliver client satisfactory results in reasonable prices.

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