Medical/Pharmacy Software

ERP Software for Medical/Pharmacy Retailers,Wholesalers,Chemists and Druggists,Medicine Shops,Hospital Dispensaries,Ayurvedic Medicine Dealers,Homoeopathy Drug Stores,24 hour medical shops to maintain their stock accurately,Manage Financial accounts perfectly and generate customer invoices beautifully.

Helps easily calculate medicine schemes, deals, remember party wise rate list, keep a watch over expiry, maintain narcotics, schedule H, schedule H1 registers, make quick payment and even print cheques in professional way

In every Medical Store, there is a need to automate their business. They need to manage their stock of medicines, medical equipments, expiry of medicines, billing etc. Managing all these things manually becomes difficult and if expiry medicine is given to customer then it’s a problem. So, every medical store requires a system through which their work becomes easy and organized. They will have the clear picture of the availability and shortage of stock and profit and loss analysis. Miracle solves the problem of every medical store in a very simple and user friendly way.

We’ll see now the features of Miracle and learn how to use this software.

Pharmaceutical Dealers and Distributors

Medical/Pharmacy Software

Software esp. For Pharmaceutical Dealers and Distributors (Wholesale and Retail Chemists) with Stock management, Expiry Calculation and Financial Accounts

Item Master,Simple and Quick

A businessman needs to manage stock and its details. So he needs a system to store and retrieve item details. Let’s see how to create Items and their details. Items are the stock- medicines and all the medical equipments kept in medical store..

Quick Payment

A Hotel can make payment entries using this software. All the payments made by hotel like material purchased from suppliers, Travelling Expenses, Water and Electricity Expenses are entered using Quick Payment option in Entries menu.


  • Useful Quick info avaialable at sales time
  • Adjust Sale Return Challans in Sale Entries.
  • Adjust Multiple Discounts at Sale Bills
  • Manage company Wise Party Wise Discounts
  • No need to remember Party wise Rates
  • All kind of summaries / reports
  • Track Sales Bills Very Fast and Quick
  • Quickly Manage your Stock
  • Evaluate your stock in real time
  • Print Items in Account Statement
  • Create Accounts along with CRM
  • VAT Reports Management made easy
  • Retail Sale : for walkin customers

Quick Receipt

Chemists can make entries for cash received from customers or any source using this software. All the cash received by chemist like Interest, Booking Fees are saved using Quick Receipt option in Entries menu.

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