Software-for-Comprehensive Store

Grocery and Departmental Store

We provide an integrated, modular & scalable software solution for the fast growing Lifestyle and Fashion retail trade. It gives you complete automation of in-store activities and insightful reports for decision-making. Loaded with features like purchasing module, inventory, CRM, price mark ups & mark downs, finance & accounts.

General stores often sell staple food items such as milk and bread, and various household goods such as hardware and electrical supplies. The concept of the general store is very old, and although some still exist, there are far fewer than there once were, due to urbanization, urban sprawl, and the relatively recent phenomenon of big-box stores..

Solution Highlights

Delivery and Bills
Supplier Barcode Integrated

Retailers can maintain supplier's original barcode in the software.

Service Module

This solution helps manage & serve customers better in service industries.

Mark up, Mark down

Our CRM component helps maintain continual, beneficial relationship with customers.

Purchase & Price List
Sales Order Process Flow for Customizations

This solution has the quotation to invoice flow handled through order management process.

Day-end Process
Real-time & Reliable Financial Accounting

Our integrated module & real-time posting provides online & up-to-date financial information.

Repacking,Split & Kit
Multi-varied & Industry specific Promotions

Here are default schemes & promotions built-in POS. It is also customizable for specific needs.

Whats in it

  • Real-time & Reliable Financial Accounting
  • Fully Integrated & Scalable POS
  • Purchase & Re Order
  • Foolproof Inventory Management Module
  • Business Intelligence Reports leading Decision
  • Audit Trails, Security & Alerts
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