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Softcron Technology's Consumer Electronic Dealer software is a simple system to help manage your Consumer Electronics business from the point of sale terminals to the accounting back office. Running your Consumer Electronics business has many challenges, and Windward will help you overcome then all with one complete solution..

Consumer Electronics software is a fully integrated point of sale and service management software package that helps run your store, instead of just reporting on it. Improve customer service and reduce costs while providing enhanced services to your employees and customers.

Solution Highlights

Delivery and Bills
Efficient use of Serial/IMEI numbers
Assembly & Kit Managemnet
Order Advance & Delivery Scheduling
Purchase & Price List
Accurate End-of-Date Reports
Day-end Process
Price Drop handling & Reports
Repacking,Split & Kit
Promotions & Offer Management

Whats in it

  • Sell Management
  • VAT Filing & Financial Accounting
  • Mark up & Mark down Price
  • Purchase & Re Order
  • Manage & Profit
  • Financial Accounting
  • Security
  • Reports
  • Multi-store Management
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • BI Reports on TOP 'N' brands/items

Commission Tracking Made Easy

Calculate salesperson's commissions in a very detailed fashion. The commission rate can be based on the sales margin. The more money that is made, the higher the commission rate of the sales person. Even if you don't pay the sale people commissions, the information given by the salesman analysis report will be invaluable for running your business.

Consumer Electronic
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