Cms Development

Software for Hardware Sanitary Autospare Parts

User-friendly POS solution developed for specialized retailing of Wines & Spirits, Books & Distribution, Sports equipment store, Hardware & Sanitary. This helps the retailer to categorise & classify inventory properly for timely replenishment of stock & sales, eradicate malpractice & pilferage and thereby enhance customer satisfaction.


Retail Management software for Publishing, Auto Spare parts

Get your much-needed reports on top performing brands/items/categories at any time for informed decision-making. It also makes you aware of your top sales staff and customers

Agreement Management

Multi-Price level setting for Products

Varied price levels like wholesale, MRP, seasonal prices can be mapped to product & customer.

Inventory Managment

Automatic Re-Order through PO

The re-order in the form of automatic PO can be raised to the supplier by updating the min & max stock.

Accurate Rantel Bills

Easy Billing with Multi-tender types

Billing process is simplified with seamless integration of accessories to the POS.

 Increase Your Profitablity

Role based Security Configuration

Every person in the store is allowed to access only that information which they need to know.

Financial Accounting

Business Intelligence & Dashboards

Dashboard gives in a snapshot daily, weekly, monthly & yearly performance & progress of the business.


Service Module

This module supports Customer Management, Job card Management, Process Management & Analytical Reports.

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