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A bakery (aka, baker's shop or bake shop) is an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven such as bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, and Some retail bakeries are also cafés, serving coffee and tea to customers who wish to consume the baked goods on the premises.Baked goods have been around for thousands of years. In Bakery & Confectionary The art of baking was developed early during the Roman Empire. It was a highly famous art as Roman citizens loved baked goods and demanded for them frequently for important occasions such as feasts and weddings etc.

Solution Highlights

Home Delivery

Home Delivery

Plan your delivery by generating a new trip ticket for each driver. You can also track clearly the deposit amount given to drivers for providing change to the customers if they pay to the nearest rounded value.

 Customer&Combo Conveniences

Customer & Combo Conveniences

Our simple Combo Management module helps you dynamically create, as well as change Combos, at the time of order and/or billing with relevant changes to the associated pricing.


Weight Scale Integration

Integrate your weighing scale with the POS terminal for faster & accurate counting, weighing and billing of items such as cakes, sweets etc.


From Stock to plate

Our Production Management module helps you manage recipe details, planning, materials issued, actual production and costing. This will give you a clearer picture of the ingredients required.

Deliver what 'they' Order

Deliver what 'they' Order

Capture Customer preferences such as modifiers, style, design, etc. in orders and get them printed on the kitchen note, as well as bill with additional charges.

Muffins And Cookies

Packing is Selling

Map items to the relevant packing materials, down to their stock and cost, with our Packing Materials module. This will help you reduce the time taken to process orders, for both take away and home delivery.

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