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How to use Google Adwords Campaign & Boost your Presence

Every Business needs to publish to achieve higher traffic or high conversion rate. In the digital era, Online Business is everyone’s choice and necessity as well. As we all know Online presence without optimization on search engine’s is nothing but bootless for earning customers online. Being online is a good tactic but to be smarter you have to optimize it as well. With all strategies of on-page and off-page SEO, you have to know about AdWords and its operation. How to run a Google Adwords Campaign in a best and effective way. Some of the given functions you need to use while generating campaigns are:

Link Google Analytics to Google Adwords Campaign

For inspecting your Campaign and its conversion rate, its required to link your Analytics (which is used to see the overall performance of a website in various ways like Acquisitions, Demographics, Page Views, etc. in a graphical presentation). Link your Analytics with few simple steps- In your Analytics account, Go on Admin – Adwords Linking – Save with your 10 digit Adwords account numbers (Click on the top right corner of your Adword Account and get your adword account number). Generally, it appears automatically but if it isn’t automatically present then place it manually and save then done. Your Google Analytics will now linked to Google Adwords, you can see how your campaign going on and its conversion rate.

Keyword research

A campaign always depends on its keywords. Keywords are those search terms which we write in a search engine to acquire related results of mention query. So whenever we are going to run a campaign, we have to pay heed while choosing keywords. Keywords should be closely related to your services, products or information you displaying in the campaign. Keywords should be relevant to your contents as well. Choose appropriate and best search terms for your ad, for this you can take help from google keyword planner. you can check keyword density and its search volume as well. Don’t choose keywords that are under low volume search.

Negative Keywords

No wonder we usually skip this term and not give proper attention but for quality response and reducing Bounce Rate we need to use Negative Keywords in a suitable way. Negative Keyword is a type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase. Your ads aren’t shown to anyone who is searching for that phrase. Like if you are selling a product which is not “free” then you should put the keyword “free” in negative Keywords. For Better understanding, we take one more example If our ad is for who seeks to buy or take products and services but not offering jobs in it. Then we should put “job” in negative keywords. So when next time you run google Adwords Campaign, put Negative Keywords and seize your ad from the services you are not offering.

Write Ads in Google Adwords Campaign

The keywords you choose works best if you use those terms in ads title and Description. Its perfectly describes what your ad or link is all about and what kind of products and services you offer. Don’t write phone number or address as it considers as spam and disapproved by Google. Run different campaign for different services on single site. Every service needs different keywords research. You can pause and stop any particular ad group if you no longer provide that services, your product is out of stock, or any other reason. Halt that ad group without affecting other ads.


This is how you maintain your budget, bid for your best keywords. There are two segments to bid i.e. Manual CPC (Cost-per-Click) and Automatic CPC. Manual CPC is a bidding method that lets you set your own maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads. This differs from automated bid strategies, which set bid amounts for you. You can search best bids and bidding price from keyword Planner and always put your bit strategy as Maximize Clicks. If you are not that good at bidding then you must choose Automatic CPC and choose Maximum Conversion. In Automatic CPC, even if your keyword bids fluctuates, your adword will address it automatically which is not possible in Manual one.

Ad Extensions in Google Adwords Campaign

Ad extensions are important and worth mentioning in your ads and they don’t cost you any extra. These extensions will help you to increase your visibility, click-through rate, landing pages. Various extensions in adword are Call extensions, Site extensions, Location extensions, Review Extensions, and more. You may write your number in the ad with the help of these extensions. Mention site links and location which you are unable to write in Title and Descriptions.

Ad Copy

Instead of creating new ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns each time you want to improve your account, you can save time and work by copying your existing ads, ad groups, keywords, and campaigns. You should always add 2 to 3 copy of your ad because if any of your ads is stopped or unable to work properly then the copy of those ads will work instead of that. This will improvise your Quality Score and helpful to reach or maximize goals.

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