Does SMO is suitable for sales generation?

SMO for Sales Generation

We don’t need to tell you how powerful social media marketing can be. But what many people don’t understand is how much work goes into it. Successful social marketing involves a deep understanding of the ins and outs of each social platform — from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Instagram.

If you are looking to drive sales through SMO, then you should know bit more about SMO strategy and working process. On the first note, SMO is a platform to popularize your brand and services. By which people get to know more about the business. Look, Every business niche has its own agendas as some willing to generate leads, some wants client at their doorstep, some desire for website traffic, some wants fame and delivering info. Yes, you can generate sales but if your business prospect and way of delivering information is in the right place. But on the most, Brand Awareness is the real agenda of SMO, People will get to know more about your product and services for too long and then start trusting you coz you are existing in the market for very long and they are getting your business impressions. That’s the true means of marketing through Social Media.

SMO Affects

There are some products and services that everyone needs in there day today life, those business gets leads easily like clothing, accessories, cosmetic products. These products are easy to attract if you deliver it in an alluring way because of their costing may be, people try to buy low budget product and services at first step. So that they won’t be in too much loss if they got disappointed. At that point, SMO will help as whenever we saw a new name, people want to be sure about it before taking any action on it. It might be your website, your social sharing, your brand images and videos, and how long your existence was, how creatively you overt your product, how trustworthy your policies are, and more. At that place, SMO will build trust among people because a picture is worth more than thousands of words and stays in people mind much longer. Unknowingly “I think I have heard about it” & “I think I saw this somewhere” will eventually work more.

SMO Affects

Let me give you a live example of my friend. While purchasing groceries in a store, she find a new brand of green tea and she consumes green tea on daily basis particularly one brand only for so long. So giving thought on new brand i.e. Shri Vrinda Green Tea, she asked herself should I, Then asked to me should I try this new brand, I said its upto you if you think you want to then she replied as I saw its post so many times, I think I should try and see now she completely switch her brand as she likes the new one.

Let make your content target and travel

Content sharing

Also, understand that SMO is not just posting on social media. When you have content that can be portable (such as PDFs, video files and audio files), submitting them to relevant sites will help your content travel further, and ultimately drive links back to your site. Make those social sharing buttons (with the share count) clearly visible around the content you publish.

The first major step is to understand what you are going to optimize your content. Identify the desired outcome before you start. The goals could be Brand Image, Sales, Lead Generation, Product launch, Credibility, Traffic/Page views on website.

If the content on your website is informational, and makes people smart, it is more likely to be shared among friends and followers on Social Media. And people like being the first to share information because it makes them seem cool. Underline that, people share the content which makes them seem cool. Include content that triggers positive high arousal emotions. Make sure that your headlines evoke curiosity and awe. Include stories as they can make any piece of content engaging, memorable and shareable.

Does Remarketing works?

In some of the niche you can generate direct sales from SMO. Only if you targeting the right audience for you. Moreover, people also wonder about the concept of remarketing. Does this work or its a wastage of time? That if a person looked at your product and services and shows interest but because of any reason wouldn’t take any action then its worth to target the same person.

SMO as remarketing

And I would love to say that Yes, they are worth to target to. Coz they are actually your potential clients. If they had shown interest in your business but some of the reason they won’t choose you and if you are making yourself visible to those again and again it might change their decision or the factor of saying no may diluted because of some situations or also what if they taken interest in you and saved you for later purpose and looses your info that where he seen that product or services. Then remarketing positively work here. An incident that blows my mind w.r.t Remarketing is I saw an outfit on website, I like that too much but wouldn’t buy that time coz I was not sure with pricing and policies with the new website. After that whenever I surf over internet, that product come again and again in front of me and enticing me very badly. And I ended up this by making purchasing of that product and it makes me happy too.

So from my own example, I have no hesitation of saying that SMO does influence your sales part but moreover, it affects peoples mind about your business and aware them more about your brand. For working on it, take guidance to some company who offers Digital Marketing services, they will help you in professional way.

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