Bulk WhatsAPP Services

Bulk Whatsapp Services in South-America

Coz Multimedia generates Attention

Digital marketing now includes Whatsapp marketing services in South-America with Softcron Technology. Implement the easy-to-use and hassle-free marketing assistance with multimedia and let whatsapp generate your leads for you. Our Bulk marketing strategies in South-America with bulk messages through WhatsApp, allow companies to send maximum of 1000 characters . Which is per message with 4 pictures (1 Mb each), PDF(1 Mb), videos (3 Mb) or audio (2 Mb) all in one. When you choose Softcron, you get a range of options in WhatsApp marketing plans designed as per your specific business promotion demands. Using WhatsApp marketing services in South-America you can also send messages to those buyers who are registered in DND directory. Also, WhatsApp API services we provide which is the new way to get more customers in your bucket. More users mean more customers.

Enrich your promotions and marketing ideas with bulk whatsapp messages by attaching a photo, video, audio and vcards. This solution allow users to send and manage WhatsApp Campaigns in a very simple way. Moreover, provide them tools to filter or you can say scrub and verify WhatsApp numbers, grab WhatsApp contact and start advertising. Our Bulk WhatsApp Services in South-America gives you a secure web panel, you can be a user for your own branding or can be a reseller and earn with selling further. As we all know, graphics and media files are worth more than just characters. This is a credit based web panel in which you can check your delivery reports and get the refund of failed messages. And send upto one lakh in one campaign. You will get DLR of the campaign in which number of contacts are more than 1000. So, allure your clients with amusing graphics media and large text. For getting queries you can give your contact info. as vcard or as in text or in media as well.

Bulk Whatsapp Panel

Bulk WhatsApp Admin

Self Administration

Be your own Admin. No dependency as the panel is easy to understand and use. So, you can run campaign according to your convenience.

Bulk WhatsApp Data Security

Data Security

Where security is major concern, our technology of Bulk WhatsApp marketing in South-America ensures security of your content and database.

Bulk WhatsApp LongText

Long Text

Write your own content and piece of information and get it delivered to your client individualy. It gives client more clarity and increase brand loyalty.

Bulk WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API Integration

Empower your business tactics with integrating world's most popular messaging app i.e. WhatsApp API. It is a fast, secure, and reliable way for businesses to reach their customers all over the world.

Bulk WhatsApp FreeDemo

Take a Demo

Action speaks more than words, and we effectively believe the slang "pehle istaimaal kre phir vishwaas kre". Jokes apart, just take the demo and experience on your own. Feel free to ask any query.


Easy to Operate

No hustle bustle and confusing options and path, just few clicks and the campaign is on air. We build the platform that is client oriented and easy to operate. So, with this sending Bulk WhatsApp is simple.

Why Bulk WhatsApp Services

Why Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

Every business needs to ‘spend money to make money’. Investing in marketing is no different. The most important advantage of marketing is therefore quite simply improving the businesses profits by boosting sales. Whatever you choose to do, you will need to carry out some sort of marketing if you hope to succeed in business and make a healthy profit. We help you to generate profit with our Bulk WhatsApp services in South-America.

WhatsApp is now in every one's hand and reaching in every one's hand with attractive way which will always give positive outcome. Possibly normal messages may go unread but probability of not reading WhatsApp messages and media files is almost null. Promote yourself to reach in front of everyone's eye.

Become a Reseller or User

Whatsapp is the mostly used messaging cross platform application by the people since it has been launched. And so many people affluenced by the service and choose to become a reseller of it and making money too. What reseller do is, reseller is authorized to make further clients in his/her panel like a hierarchy. No matter he/she itself consumes the whatsApp credits or not.

Bulk WhatsApp user is the person who use the panel only for promoting itself. User is not authorized for making further clients. If you are a brand and doing some business other then marketing and need to promote yourself only then being a user is the best and optimum solution for you. Our Bulk whatsApp marketing services in South-America will satisfy your promotional needs on nominal cost.

Bulk WhatsApp Reseller

Before shooting WhatsApp Campaign

Things you should know

Softcron Technology provides you complete guide of Bulk Whatsapp Panel Usage and Special Training for How to use our Whatsapp Panel and its features. Complete Customer Support as we are here to serve you better.
Note: You can send only WhatsApp transferred media files.

  • Images/Media-It is important to remove any space, brackets or any other special character from media by renaming it. Only underscore (_) is valid. Also extension (.jpg, .png, .mp4 etc) it only accepted by WhatsApp Valid Extensions: Video (mp4), Audio (mp3).
  • Campaign Timing–10:00AM to 5:00PM Monday to Saturday .
  • Delivery Time– Delivery time of any quantity campaign is between 30 minutes to 6 hours. .
  • Scrubbing-This feature is for eliminating contacts which are not on WhatsApp Application. Always scrub all numbers before using them. Maximum Numbers for scrubbing is 10,000 at a time. Scrubbing for whatsapp numbers will be extra charegeable.
  • Delivery Report-It will be provided only on request if campaigning is more than 1000 numbers and it will take 24 hours to update DLR Report once campaigning has been done.


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