Software for Grocery and Departmental Store

Grocery and Departmental Store

Simple, secure & complete grocery, supermarket solution to manage large number of SKUs with ease by integrating your Supermarket software with weighing scale, barcode printer & scanner, pole display and cash draw box. Fast & continuous customer checkouts are ensured always with our on-line & off-line billing options. institute

Supermarket retail POS software for Provision, Frozen Foods, Meat & Fish stores that lets you handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, expiry, return & wastage management modules. CRM tools ensure promotions & loyalty management. Well-integrated financial accounting with VAT e-filling. Try free Supermarket, Hypermarket, Kirana shop pos software for 30 days Trial.

Solution Highlights

Delivery and Bills
Home Delivery and Due Bill

Rate calculation & billing becomes fast accurate when weighing scale is integrated.

Easy,Fast & Robust Billing

When price fluctuations happen on a daily basis, some products don't carry a fixed MRP.

Reorder Based on Sales/Stock

Monitoring wastage is very crucial. Inbuilt wastage analysis in the system

Purchase & Price List
Purchase Formula & Price Level

Optimum inventory can be maintained by using the reorder feature to the full potential.

Day-end Process
Effective Day-End Process

Selling price changing on a daily basis can be immediately brought.

Repacking,Split & Kit
Repacking,Split & Kit Items

Handles multi-type customer payments such as cash, card, coupons, etc.

Whats in it

  • Sell Management
  • Loyalty & Promotions
  • Track Customers
  • Purchase & Re Order
  • Manage & Profit
  • Financial Accounting
  • Security
  • Reports
  • Multi-store Management
  • E-Commerce Integration
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