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    ...to the development Sphere.
    Softcron Technology is a helpdesk to your aspiration with dreamweaver and manage web services for you.
    Build the new, don't just fight the old.
    Information Technology that earns for you.
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    A Superlative solution to design your prospect.
    Accustomized programming and web designing.
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    Want your website to look fresh ?
    We design different layouts with well-organized and simple navigation of content.
    Want to strengthen your brand and help to drive your Organisation ?
    We do Search Engine optimization (SEO) to make your brand visible.
    Switched yourself from old desktop/laptop to Tablet/I-Pad ?
    We provide responsive gadget friendly Websites & Mobile Apps.
    So your competitors are leading on search engine's ?
    Digital Marketing is the solution!
    Want your Website to get quality traffic ?
    Special graphics with Social Media Optimization (SMO) is here to help and Bulk SMS!
    Want to have your business open 24/7 ?
    E-Commerce website will fulfil this desire!
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Greetings from Softcron Technology

we design your vision

online Marketing enhancement

Designing is Awesome Graphics with Ease of Access

In today's development sphere, people emphasize on scattering their businesses. Everyone want to do something new and effective with demanding short term results. Running your businesses only locally is now out-dated, this is digital world where money is used or transferred digitally by using various application (apps) and software's then why not your brand, your ideas, your skills, your talent. You can sell anything by telling people globally with e-commerce.

The technology what we call internet is so big, so powerful and effective as it is a complete substitute for life. Information technology is panacea of everything like a quiescent business uplifted by designing and developing websites of their niche, Developing software's and apps for specific business brands for better and easy management services to lighten their work and stress, Optimizing your brand and services by various marketing strategies such as SEO i.e. search engine optimization, PPC, social media promotion, advertising through Bulk SMS organically.

What our customers are saying..

  • I am having lots of clients to update with social information on regular basis and softcron's Bulk SMS and Bulk Whatsapp Service proved very helpful to me.

    - Mr. Husain

  • If Softwares are important to your business, I recommend Softcron Technology. This will allow you to maintain your business and grow your business with ease of use of softwares....

    - Mr. Rajesh

  • Quality projects and excellent work, Good work is always recognized and rewarded. Best Software I have used and also looking for more new products from Softcron

    - Mr. Aarif Ahmed

  • The websites created by Softcron are amazing. Packed with features and thoughtfully designed. Themes are contemporary and beautiful. Highly recommended.

    - Mr. Hitesh Narang

  • I have been impressed with its focus on client service and satisfaction. There strategy and tactics are tremendous. I am extremely pleased with the end result.

    - Ms. Shilpa Mehta

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