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First Utilize than Pay

PPC - Pay Per Click as name indicates, you have to pay only when you get a click on your online advertisement link of your website. Softcron Technology will help you to start PPC campaign to boost their profile/website Ranking by generating links. Google Adwords, Yahoo publisher, Facebook Ads, Mns adcentre as well as LinkedIn ads are the most popular medium to start your paid account campaign to target your desired customers.

PPC are used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest. You can bid for your desired keyword and get most impressions and clicks to your ads. Softcron Technology delivering high ROI through constant monitoring, better hitting of the keyword. We can customize your pay per click advertisement according to client budget so that the clientele will get the maximum returns on investment. Being PPC experts, Softcron Technology provide a broad range of PPC advertising services-

  • Reduced CPC
  • ReTargeting
  • Ad campaign set up
  • Improved paid traffic
  • Improved leads & sales
  • PPC landing page development
  • Paid search strategy implementation
PPC services

Softcron Technology Conduct PPC marketing through Google Ads that is valuable because, as the most popular search engine, Google gets massive amounts of traffic and therefore delivers the most impressions and clicks to your ads. How often your PPC ads appear depends on which keywords and match types you select. While a number of factors determine how successful your PPC advertising campaign will be, you can achieve a lot by focusing on:

PPC Keyword Relevance

Keyword Relevance

Crafting relevant PPC keyword lists, tight keyword groups, and proper ad text. Right Keyword for your ad boost your clientage and improve conversion ratio.

PPC Landing page Quality

Landing Page Quality

Creating optimized landing pages with persuasive, relevant content and a clear call-to-action, tailored to specific search queries. Landing Pages directly impact your Quality score of Ad.

Quality Score

Quality Score

Quality Score is Google's rating of the quality and relevance of your keywords, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. Advertisers with better Quality Scores get more ad clicks at lower costs.

Our PPC is all about relevance and our research. Users are searching for specific products, services, and information at any given time. Advertisers have the ability to show a targeted ad at the exact moment this search is occurring.

Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Once you've created your new campaigns, you’ll need to manage them regularly to make sure they continue to be effective. In fact, regular account activity is one of the best predictors of account success. You should be continuously analyzing the performance of your account and making the following adjustments to optimize your campaigns:

Add PPC Keywords

Add PPC Keywords

Expand the reach of your PPC campaigns by adding keywords that are relevant to your business or web page.

Negative keywords in PPC

Add Negative Keywords

Add non-converting terms as negative keywords to improve campaign relevancy and reduce irrelevant queries and clicks.

PPC Bidding

Review Costly PPC Keywords

Review expensive, under-performing keywords and shut them off if necessary. Also, you can bid for highly relevant keywords.


Split Ad Groups

Improve click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score by splitting up your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ad groups, which help you create more targeted ad text and landing pages.

landing page

Refine Landing Pages

Modify the content and calls-to-action (CTAs) of your landing pages to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates. Don’t send all your traffic to the same page.

Main Platforms

Google AdWords

Run on Google, Search Partner sites, and Display Network sites, AdWords is the largest pay-per-click platform. AdWords was launched in October 2000 and has gone through several iterations over the last 17 years. AdWords is geared toward the entire spectrum of companies from small businesses to Fortune 500.

Bing Ads

Similar to AdWords, Bing Ads is a pay-per-click platform showing ads on the Bing and Yahoo networks. The platform also utilizes Search Partners. Bing Ads is primarily keyword based advertising. As of 2017, Bing Ads has 142 million unique searchers on the Bing Network.

Ads Quality & Relevance

Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click model, in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements. Every time a search is initiated, Google digs into the pool of Ads advertisers and chooses a set of winners to appear in the valuable ad space on its search results page. The “winners” are chosen based on a combination of factors, including the quality and relevance of their keywords and ad campaigns, as well as the size of their keyword bids.

Pay-per-click is the model that most platforms and channels use when allowing businesses to advertise on their properties. You can show ads locally, set your own budget, make your self apparent to customers who needs your services. This is the fastest route to draw more potential customers to your website. Softcron Technology, PPC service provider provide you complete package of running your site organically, effectively with PPC campaign. We are the one on which you may rely on.


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