SEO Effects and Algos

SEO Algo Facts and their Effects

Is your website ranking Plunging rapidly in a very short period of time? Well no need to go tizzy because Google has made some changes in their search algorithms.
We have a few customers who have seen drops in ranking of their website in their desk top ranking but increased rankings on mobile. Sound strange but it’s actually happening; Google may have stepped up their mobile first index tests. A lot of folks are not just continuing with their chatter on the Google Columbus update but also now we are seeing specific ranking changes in Google mobile results. It is difficult to say if the chatter is particular to mobile or desktop or both. But when you look at the tracking methods, a lot of them are showing huge vacillations specific to the mobile Google search results.


Also, there is a huge push for https migration. It was meant to bring awareness to an awesome protocol upgrade that we thought was an easy win to make a website faster. According to Google new concept of being secure and making web a better and safer place. While being more secure is always important, there are some additional reasons why you might want to consider moving to HTTPs i.e. Performance – HTTPS is now a lightweight ranking signal and that over time Google might strengthen this signal. So running HTTPS can help benefit your SEO Performance. Issues you may encounter while migrating-

Things that can go wrong include:

-Preventing Google from crawling the HTTP version of the site, or preventing site crawls in general (usually happens because of failure to update the test server to allow bots);
-Content duplication issues, with both HTTPS and HTTP versions of the pages showing; and
-Different versions of the page showing on HTTP and HTTPS.
-Most of the common problems with HTTPS migrations are the result of improperly implemented redirects.


Accelerated Mobile Pages project (AMP for short) is a new Google initiative to build a better, more user friendly mobile Web by introducing a new “standard” for building web content for mobile devices. Basically, this new standard is a set of rules that form a simple, lighter version of HTML. And pages built in compliance with AMP are sure to load super-quick on all mobile devices.
However there’s a number of other reasons why you might want to consider using AMP in your strategy:
1. Ultimate User experience
2. Positive effect on ranking and CTR

With the continuous updates and changes to Google’s ranking optimization factors, it is important to review SEO Statistics for success. Understanding how the data can shape your website into a discoverable site that engages and converts visitors is key to a sound SEO marketing strategy.

Remember to keep your SEO agile and flexible, as Google is continuously updating and re-ranking its algorithm based on what users value.If you have used an SEO method that has worked for your business, please leave a comment and let us know what worked for you.

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