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In a world where it’s tough to distinguish company A from company B, the small things matter. Satisfying Customer by Showing up on time, keeping your words and getting the job done right, create a company’s profile Qualitative to customers. Our powerful data separates your company from the competition and makes you an trademark to follow. Manage your Transportation in an easy and subtle way. Live and Simple Management with just few clicks. Softcron Technology provides Fleet Management software in Lower-Dibang-Valley with Driver Management, Automotive Maintenance, Fleet Control, Service Reminders, Fuel Management, Driver Management, etc. We help you in organizing, managing, coordinating overall Fleet Operation by a central Information System Software to run your Business smoothly and error free. Our Fleet management system and Tracking Program aims to improve performance, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations.

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Why Fleet Management?

Fleet Management- Unauthorised vehicle

Unauthorised Vehicle Usage

Without vehicle tracking, managers don't know when drivers are using vehicles. Our Fleet Management software in Lower-Dibang-Valley provide accountability through GPS fleet tracking is essential for ensuring that vehicles are only used for authorised use.

Fleet Management System safety

Safety Issues

No matter how carefully a company screens employees, unsafe driving practices can still occur. Managing employee behaviour to improve safety is also a benefit of fleet tracking. Driving too quickly, harsh braking and poor RPM put a businesses profits at risk.

Fleet Management cost

Increased Cost

Having the ability to discover how vehicles are driven can be a huge help in reducing overall running costs. Using Vehicle other than work or for personal use and causes an accident the consequences from an insurance stand-point can also be huge.

Generate Revenue

Fleet Management revenue

To Boost your Revenue, Improve safety and assure compliance in your industry. Softcron Technology Software to manage your fleet in Lower-Dibang-Valley. You cannot think about improving one field without improving others. For example, you cannot think about vehicle maintenance without thinking about the total costs of maintaining a vehicle, to how a driver currently handles the vehicle and to how vehicle safety can be improved (and thus reducing the number of accidents). Many organizations rely on fleet managers to control costs, maximize profitability, and mitigate risks of their fleet vehicles. Fleet managers touch many aspects of fleet operations, but fleet management can be summarized into following fields:

Fields in Fleet Management

Fleet Management System vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Fleet management software allows dispatchers and management to record or Assign Vehicles to Drivers on real-time data on vehicle operation. It ensures vehicle and employee safety and efficiency by documenting data on driving routes, idling time, and work breaks to build driver profiles. You can Check Vehicle Status at any time with few Clicks. Our Fleet Management keeps you updated.

Fleet Management System Fuel management

Fuel Management

One of the core services provided by any fleet management service provider and the biggest opportunity for cost saving is that of fuel management. With the ability to manage fuel costs and plan efficient routes more effectively, fleet management systems provide huge cost saving benefits in terms of fuel economy. You can also manage Fuel type of your vehicle as Petrol, Diesel, Gas. .

Fleet Management System driver score card

Driver Scorecards

Reliable drivers are essential to keep a company profitable. Quantitative, objective measure of driver performance. Allows for ranking of drivers, for decisions on compensation or retention. Patterns of individual or group driver activity to identify areas needing improvement as well as Personal Details of Driver.

Fleet Management System vendor details

Vendor Detailst

Your Challenging job for managing vendor profile is now easy with our Fleet Management Software i.e. You can manage and store all information of your vehicle vendors like Petrol Pump, Fuel types, Contact Person, Service Station, etc. Record and save data and keep yourself managed all the way.

Fleet Management System services

Service Entry

While Managing Fleet and Transportation, Servicing of vehicles is an essential Component. You can manage servicing details of all your vehicles and also set Reminders for Due Dates of servicing or Repairing.

Fleet Management System stumbling

Stumbling Vehicle

With this feature in your Management services, You can file issues or Problems in vehicle. So that You can check status of vehicle Performance and pitfalls before assigning vehicles to any driver. It keeps you and your Customer Secure and safe.

Fleet Management System Reminder

Renewal Reminders

In today's hectic schedule, Reminder or Nudge plays an Important role. Keeping Dates in mind for various perspective is difficult, For this our fleet management in Lower-Dibang-Valley add a feature of Nudging or Reminding Alarm i.e. Software displays a notification Alarm untill you set that service complete. Add Renewal Services like Policy, Insurance, Pollution, EMI's, etc.

Invoice Integration in Fleet Management System

Moreover, You can integrate Billing and Invoicing Method in it for Easy Billing. Other functions of the application can include vehicle acquisition, vehicle disposal, insurance, government regulation and driver license management. Fleet management is a vital for the transportation industry. For vehicles to managing schedules and drivers, it keep the company moving smoothly and accurately and manage costs to maximize profits. Get DEMO for your Business Profile, Today at Softcron Technology Fleet Management software provider in Lower-Dibang-Valley.


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