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Are you running a hospital? Well, in that case, you must be well-aware of the limitations that come across in the effective management of hospitals. Do I need to mention that having an expert staff is never enough? Rather, you need a great hospital management software that is a must for every modern hospital in order to meet the demand for high quality of service. For that Softcron offers hospital management software in South-America to fulfill all your hospital needs.

You are living in a world which is technologically modern and upgraded. You have systems and machines to take care of all those activities that were once handled manually. Now, people are hired to monitor the systems while the systems are busy helping them managing various tasks. Here, you have different login panels for different designation and roles like Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Nurse, Laboratory, Receptionist, Pharmacist, more..

Manage Departments

Numerous of departments you can make and manage accordingly. There are many hospital departments, staffed by a wide variety of healthcare professionals, with some crossover between departments. With this hospital management software, managing departments of your hospital is on your fingertips.

 Hospital Department-management
 Doctor Management

Add Doctor

Add Doctors along with their personal information. We provide papers less environment for all hospital activities. Manage their duties and their patients depending on their prowess department.

Add Patient

Control the flow of information about your patient. Their medical history along with their documents and reports. Attach documents and describe the medical details if any.

 Patient Management
 Hospital Mgt. scheduling

Scheduling & Appointments

Scheduling doctor's appointment by saving records of their available dates and timings and per patient time taken by doctor. Fix the appointment of patient with the concern and availability of doctor in hospital. Furthermore,you can see who fix the appointment and to whom and export the whole list or put filters as well.

Account Manager

As said earlier, to manage a hospital is a huge responsibility where there is no scope for errors. However, there are chances of mistakes and errors with a manual system, while an automated management software removes chances of mistakes entirely and helps in avoiding compliance issues and lawsuits.

Adding account of patient, Doctors, employees, suppliers, and many more. Organize billing and invoicing all in account manager. Extract reports for credits and debits. With Softcron offering hospital management software in South-America, you can manage your account in a simple way.

Hospital Mgt. account-management
Hospital software human-resources

Human Resources

Made to Maximize Productivity For High-Performing Teams. HR integration in Hospital management solution to fulfill all your needs. Manage all your HR administrative actions from a single, central location. Govern employees, team, laboratories, nurses, doctors, receptionist, case history. Now, with our hospital management software in South-America, admission and allotment of bedding in hospital is also hustle free process.


Hospital managers have very little direct communication with patients, but their work is intrinsically tied to policy changes that improve patient care. There is no typical week in a hospital setting. Daily duties vary, depending on the type of facility being managed. Reporting is the essential and important aspect for every patient that any error can cause big problems. With this HRM you can add birth reports, death reports, operations report, Investigation report, medicine list. All those reporting with patient id which is unique for every patient.

Hospital Management reporting
communication in Hospital Management system


For every organization communication is must to handle in a smooth way. With HRM software within the application you can do Messaging, mailing, enquiry in a professional and authenticated way.

The important factor in selecting right hospital software is to understand and analyze internal business requirements. There are applications which are suitable to meet requirements of middle-level and large organizations, whereas some are good for managing small institutions.

Currently, there is a great deluge of hospital management software and similar tools. And hence, it is important to select a good hospital management software appropriate for your complex business requirements.


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