Human Resource Management Software in Asia

Made to Maximize Productivity For High-Performing Teams. All in one HR software solution to fulfill all your needs. Manage all your HR administrative actions from a single, central location. With our HR software in Asia you can perform multiple tasks like search employees, set favorites, view organization trees, and analyze attrition reports - all from the dashboard.

While success in a business is a factor of strategies employed, products, and technology, to a large extent, it depends on how a company manages its labor force. This is why it is very crucial for employers to effectively manage and handle their human resource department, retain employees and keep them motivated.

For companies to achieve maximum workforce output, they need to utilize modern, high-quality software technologies for effective human resource management. Lots of HR software has been developed, softcron offers powerful and easy to use HRM Software in Asia with reliable functionality.

Important Features


Just after logging in you get to know the present scenario of your office like Number of employees, present employees, the day's transaction which will help you to know the borderlines of your company and work flow will manage by other options.



Add Account- In next option where you can add your company account like it's an expense for your company or you earn through it. You can also extract all those accounts to CSV, Excel, pdf, copy or prin

Transaction- In this feature you can manage your expense and earnings by mentioning all the detail along with account name and type like you can mention the amount and the reason of the payment you made.


Manage employees attendance effectively by generating attendance reports and forms. Also, calculate their working hours in just few clicks. With the help of HRM, Time sheets module employees to update their own time sheets and send those for approval to supervisors. The attendance module will keep track of employee punch-in and punch-out times.



Don't hustle while making new recruitments for your company. Our HRM will do for you, from basic information of the candidate to their education qualification and their experiences. With this management of candidates shortlisting will be easy for desired candidate on the basis of education and experience. Now you can schedule interviews and add your hired candidates in list easily. This is how your recruitment process runs in simple and smooth way.


Add number of department according to your organization. With our HRM Software service in Asia, you can easily categorize your employees with their associated departments. Department distribution leads you to a better management coz every departmenthas their own work procedure and different staff. It's convenient for admin as well as for staff.



Updating employee profile is super easy with our HRM Software. Employee personal information along with their unique employee id, their position in the company and the progressive promotion of the employee will be easily manges and upgraded. Employee performance with their efficiency on project and extra working hours, calculation of salary is convenient too. You can pay direct to your employee with this HRM Software. s.


Applying leave seems difficult for employees. We make it easy in this option of HRM software. Applying leave and approving them by your senior is simple. Also, declaring holidays by company management is effortless with our software system.



Need your salary in advance or some loans from company. Management of employees loan is unfussy and plain with clear mentioning of interest rates, EMI's, Number of EMI's, loan approval date, repayment date and whole loan report generation in one click.

User & user Permission

Add multiple user to use the software from their desktop with their credentials and assign authorities to them. Also you can restrict users to do some tasks with assigning module permissions to them. Allow them to use the HRM software according to their profile and niche, so that confidential information remains safe.

hr-user permission
backup & restore

Backup & Restore

More and more IT organizations recognize the importance and value of protecting business critical applications and IT infrastructure against downtime and data loss. Backups make sure electronic data is copied, while restore is about bringing backup data back if needed. These tasks are in many ways trivial, but are essential for emergency response. You can take backup manually as well as set the automatic backup time into the system.

Message sharing

With the help of this application, not only you can mange your human resources but also communicate. Send messages professionally and build the communication to your employees.

hr-message sharing


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