Inventory Management system

Inventory Management System

Inventory management is a discipline primarily about specifying the shape and placement of stocked goods. It is required at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course of production and stock of materials. Softcron Technology effective Inventory Management software

Inventory management involves a retailer seeking to acquire and maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling and related costs are kept in check. It also involves systems and processes that identify inventory requirements, set targets, provide replenishment techniques, report actual and projected inventory status and handle all functions related to the tracking and management of material. This would include the monitoring of material moved into and out of stockroom locations and the reconciling of the inventory balances.

Inventory Management Software can help organizations to avoid problems, for example, over-ordering and over stockpiling expenses. They can help to ensure raw materials are constantly in inventory software, monitor how much time a product stay at different areas, and follow product transportation.

Softcron provide you inventory management software designed for small and medium-sized omnichannel businesses with a focus in eCommerce. Our features of inventory management applications that include multi-warehouse inventory management as well.



With the dashboard information precisely you get to know about your suppliers, No. of product, out of stock items, users and also you can put modules on dashboards per your needs. The managers/owners can visualize the amount of sale and even the revenues generated from each channel using the software. This gives you a clear picture of your business.

Add Multiple Products

As you know adding a product doesn't just involves the product name but also numerous of feature along with it like product tax rate, product barcode, product location in store so that it would be easy to navigate and pickup, unit code, product weight, product specification, product amount, no. of item in stock, reordered amount, selling price, category, expiration date(if any), product manufacturer, etc.

Record your product and its essentials in the inventory and retrieve it with your needs and updations with few clicks in seconds.

You get warning signs whenever any of the product draining towards out of stock. You may also filter records according to its categories and other attributes. Also, uploading data in bulk with CSV is also available.


Warehouse Management

The right quantity of inventory helps utilise warehouse space more optimally. Set of orders can be located and dispatched with the smooth and systematic accessibility of the available stock in the warehouse. Check stock level, manage inter-warehouse transfer, and generate reports for specific warehouses within seconds. Warehouse inventory management, at your fingertips. Easy to store information about your product warehouses.

Stock Management

Loss of freshness in the stock, old stock, damage, holding the cost of dead or unmoving stock are some of the challenges a multichannel retailer faces. Our inventory software addresses such challenges and allows defining of criteria and priorities to ensure regular stock rotation. Manage your offline and online orders with our efficient order management system of Inventory Software. Also, you can create purchase orders, backorders and drop shipments, all in a single inventory management application. Generate purchase order with your associated supplier name, moreover you can track your payment status and delivery of the product status within


Manage Supplier

With this ultimate Inventory management software, you can add multiple supplier and the associated information with them like supplier address, website, email, contact info and also supplier log details which tells when, quantity, amount transaction had been made.


Inventory management software makes it possible to manage purchase and sales from a single system. Nowadays, it will help you to track whether the products have reached your customers and even give you an idea of what items are selling more than the other.


Sale Order/Invoicing

Automate time consuming tasks so you can concentrate on developing your brand. Create sale order and invoices with few clicks and entry and send to the related person. Wih this, you can also track your pending invoices or due payments, how much amount is pending with their due dates. Also, you can set payment mode of the invoice with reminder.

Staff & Permission

The owner has access to various store from a single dashboard and a change made on his dashboard is immediately reflected in all the synched modules. In this inventory management software, you can add the staff members of your company from different branches and mange them while sitting on your desk. And, also make users within the software and assign roles and permission of using their related modules to perform task and mange rest.


Benefits of Ultimate Inventory Management Software

Our detailed comparisons show that these are the three main benefits companies experience when using a solid inventory management system:


Efficiency and Speed

An inventory management system makes it easy to do a range of tasks from inputting data to taking inventory. It can take days to perform a manual count of inventory, but an inventory management solution can help you accomplish the task in a few hours.


Document Generation

Managers can use the system to automatically generate a range of documents such as account statements, invoices, checks, and purchase orders. They can automatically order a fresh batch of products if they run low on stock.


Insightful Data

Our inventory management system offers insightful reports of products & data such as how many units are in stock, how many have been sold, and which are the fastest-selling products. So that you can mantain products accordingly.


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