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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/ Toll Free Services In India

IVR stands for interactive voice response.and it an automated voice system that collects information about a user and their needs before directing them to the proper channel for further conversation. A well-designed Interactive Voice Response software solution can help improve contact centre operations and KPIs while also increasing customer satisfaction. It's a type of technology in which a machine interacts with a user, and your call is routed accordingly. IVR/ Toll free Number dialling systems allow callers to interact with them by pressing numbers on a phone keypad to respond to the computer's voice instructions. IVR services solutions are the most efficient way to receive appropriate calls and avoid manual involvement. Callers are greeted by their first names and directed to the appropriate agent based on their chosen options, call history, purchase history, and location. By recording customised welcome greetings with our special IVR services, you can provide a more personalised experience for your customers when they call your business number. Our interactive voice response services will assist you in managing inbound calls. Further, this will lead you to an increase in inbound customer conversion. It also helps in retaining customers in a better way.


Features IVR Services

With our comprehensive telephone suite, you can easily manage all of your business conversations.

Using our automatic and unlimited call recording tool, you may resolve customer conflicts, instruct agents, and evaluate customer service quality.

We allow you to use your own existing number or choose from listed numbers for Interactive Voice Response, and it will be activated in 60 seconds. You can change your phone number as per your needs.

We provide multiple extensions on a single IVR number to differentiate between various departments, staff, and sections to answer the calls which improves your business and customer satisfaction.

Customise your path to migrate customers according to the departments and their needs. With our IVR Services , let your incoming caller be at ease and follow an accurate path.

Integrate your toll-free service with Interactive Voice Response and use self-help and virtual receptionist tools to customise your callers' experience.

With the help of our expert voice-over artists, record a warm and personal welcome message to greet your callers.

On your call monitoring dashboard, you can track your calls in real time and receive a complete picture of active, on-hold, and disconnected calls.

Send SMS and email alerts to your agents to keep them up to date on all incoming and outgoing customer calls.


Interactive Voice Response systems can be used for mobile purchases, banking payments and services, retail orders, utilities, travel information, and much more.

  • Reduce hold times.
  • Set up personalised greetings
  • With simple options, you may navigate to the appropriate department.
  • Improve client satisfaction
  • Forward to any location
  • Available with a virtual phone number

Why Should You Choose Softcron?

Our systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes and are also used for outbound calling.

  • We provide quick, uninterrupted support to your customers.
  • Record all customer messages on voicemail during non-working hours and off days.
  • You will never miss a business lead with our cloud IVR solutions.
  • Softcron Technology designs Interactive Voice Response services according to one's needs.
  • Our programmable extensions have multi-level which helps you to configure sophisticated IVR call flows with a menu as well as multiple sub-menu options.


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