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School Management Software in South-America

Every industry is becoming smart in these days by implementing high-end technologies. Schools and Colleges are not an exception to this trend. Majority of the schools became smart already, by integrating advanced technologies like school management system (School Software ERPs, ultimate school management software, School software Gold Version, School Management Software Elite Version, Pro School management system) into their daily chores. The education industry is undoubtedly one of the sectors that have found the best use of technology and our offering of School Management software in South-America is valuable. This has helped education industry to save time and money to a great extent by avoiding manual paperwork and taking many shortcuts in their daily academic and administrative activities. School Management System in South-America is a school management technology automating the operations of the school. It was very difficult for every school to manage things in a hard copy, so here is an alternative to this problem making it completely error-free.

Our School Management System in South-America take care of every single task and activities going in the school and keeps every user updated. Here are the important functions:



One look and the whole information of your school is in front of you. An overview of everyday like Teachers info, Students info and their parents detail. You can customize your modules on your dashboard according to your needs. Add modules on your dashboard which you want to see frequently. Our School Management software in South-America is valuable for your needs.


Staff Management

Admin can manage every user and add multiple users and authorize their work responsibilities. Add Teachers with their all information and Add students and their parents detail. Also you can create student list in details in bulk as well as import from your database. You can manage all your staff details and control their access permission for the software.



Your student,teacher, parent can communicate with each other. SMS can be sent by school - Administration to Parents for various reasons like Fee dues, paid, over dues details, Schedules of various examinations, events in school, school notices, Monthly attendance record, Homework, Declaration of holidays, and more.


School Bus Management

Easy to keep a track on transport details for school management. Our School Management system in South-America involves the feature of Bus timings Management and if their any change in routes and buses. All information will be transferred to the guardians via messages on registered mobile number. Our software includes Transport maintenance, vehicle details and defining bus routes as well.



This module is designed to handle the various attendance requirements of public and private schools of all sizes. Softcron Technology, School Mgt. software in South-America, supports educational foundations to generate attendance reports for current date/month, last month or even for defined date. Proxy attendance can be reduced to a great extent using this feature. And admin can find out the reports from anywhere.



TimeTable generation is the major headache of educational institution. With School Management software provider in South-America, you can easily prepare your time-table for different classes & subjects. The students and teacher can automatically retrieve the TimeTable of their class and concerned subjects, Division/Batch, Academic Year. Parents also get updation of their children classes and schedules.



Add latest news and events going to start in school and send information to all the staff and students and their parents. Noticeboard is mainly used to highlights the events are going to happen in the school. Any competition, trip, tours, vacations, etc.


Library Management System

You can keep a track for all the books available in library as well as their issue and return. It helps in managing the books available in the library and also the price of the same so as to keep everything easy and transparent. Also get notified about Overdue / Recall notices.



No need to hustle for your school and class syllabus. just download it from portal and study and buy books accordingly. Also notes can be uploaded by teachers of their particular subject, so that student can study from their personal notes.


Student/Teacher Report

In this School Management Software in South-America, here admin can easily store the reports of students as well as teacher about their holidays, leaves, attendance and other related work. Time-sheet reports can be used for various purposes like payment of parttime salary, to measure the performance of lecturer, to know the estimated time for portion completion.


Accounts Management

It will be easy to keep record of students fee with this software. Fees collection, expenses Management, invoice generation are the essential need of Educational Institution. Softcron manages fees collection process very easily with advance fees facility and fees receipt printing. It enables automated accounting entries without re-entering financial data into account books.



It's important to know what your staff and students think about your opinion regarding school. You can take surveys easily within your school by using polling option. Ask questions and let everyone answer and then you can make decision over it. Also you can customize your polling to limited users, so that only concerned are eligible to answer like only staff or only students.



This software is not limited to india only. You can use your own language and be comfortable while working over it. Yes, our Schhol Management Software is multilingual-English, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, etc Which makes it better.



As a responsible software development service provider in South-America, We know the security concerns & Our School Management System is highly secure and can access by authorized and authenticated users from any part of the world.



For software systems, the accuracy of data transmission or the accuracy of storing, maintaining, and retrieving data correctly to/from a database is an important aspect. Success of any software depends on data integrity.


24/7 Usage

We provide a system that works 24/7 to update and modify content as per their requirements and needs. Here we developed a set of reform education to raise each kid in a better way. You can customize add ons in the existing school management software.


User Friendly

We provide a stable and sustainable platform which guaranteed in helping administrators to modify and access the data from anywhere and anytime without any interruptions or errors. One can use any browser such as Explorer or chrome to operate this.


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